Accounting Office “Anpol” was founded on August 1991, is registered in Company register at number 25783 at Local authorities in Warsaw – Parag Południe. I decided to found Accounting office “Anpol” because of the huge development of Polish free-market economy. Obviously it demands for proffesional service of book-keepings and tax advises. In reference to the development of accounting affice change office structure and work organization. The right personnel, the division of competences, the expertise and skills of our staff, first – hand information, flexible and optimal service fullfill specific needs and requirements of each client.


To be professionals our workers take part in specialized coursers and trainings from our branch :
– accountancy
– tax
– human resources
– payroll services
– National Insurance Office
– internal trainings nad courses


Moreover we have been member of the Financial Experts and Tax Advisers Association since 1996. Thanks to our continous willingness to act as close and fair partners we managed to win the trust of many Polish and foregin firms over nineteen years. In spite of the rosk, hard work, lack of time to realize many private aims the accounting office and working as tax adviser give me a lot of satisfaction and bring a new experiance and challange.